wlan@thenet is a mobility service and can be used, depending on your location, in one of the following ways. Please note that the signal can vary.

Gratis service wlan@thenet

You can surf for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes the session will expire. To continue surfing you have to follow the login procedure again.

Premium Service wlan@thenet

With wlan@thenet prepaid cards you can experience unlimited surfing in the Internet at higher speeds (up to 20'000kbps). Please note that simultanous logins on multiple devices with the same credentials are not possible. The Premium service is true flatrate, there are no additional volume or minute charges.

Our tariffs


The length of a session is only limited by the purchased amount of time. The validity of the prepaid card starts with the first login and finishes as soon as the purchased amount of time is used up. 

Metro zone  TheNet.ch zone  
   City Hotspots  Alpine Hotspots   all Metro zones
 4 h  -  -  CHF 5,-
 24 h  -  -  CHF 10,-
 7 days
 -  -  CHF 20,-
 30 days  -  CHF 27,-
 CHF 59,-
 90 days (price / month)
 -  CHF 24,-
 CHF 49,-
 180 jours (price / month)  CHF 31,-
 CHF 21,-
 CHF 39,-
 1 year (price / month)  CHF 19,-
 CHF 16,-
 CHF 29,-
 2 years (price / month)  CHF 17,-
 CHF 13,-
 CHF 26,-


This prepaid card has a minimum session lenght of 10 minutes. The accounting is done in units of 5 minutes. The purchased amount of time is only accounted as long as you are logged in.

 Period  Metro zone   TheNet.ch zone
   City Hotspots  Alpine Hotspots
 all Metro zones
 750 minutes  -  -  CHF 25,-

All prices incl. VAT

You can purchase your prepaid card online by PayPal, CreditCard or at one of our selling partners. Please be aware that the full range of prepaid cards is available only online. It‘s our particular concern that you‘re happy with your purchase. That‘s why we ask you kindly to check at your desired location if you can surf to http://wlan.thenet.ch before purchasing a prepaid card.

If you purchase a prepaid card online, we transmit your access codes (username and password) in a secure and fast way such that you can surf immediately.

Types of cards

Type of card
Type of HotSpot Network name
Metro zone City HotSpot wlan@thenet Bern (without certain Premium Locations), Zürich
Metro zone Alpine HotSpot
wlan@thenet Anzère, Grächen, Interlaken, Krattigen, Le Bouveret, Lausanne, Leysin, Satigny
TheNet.ch zone  

and others

Premium Locations
Partner Locations
All networks of TheNet

8 easy steps...

  • Do you have a WLAN enabled device?
  • Do you recieve our network wlan@thenet and ist the signal strong enough?
  • Connect with wlan@thenet
  • Network configuration (normally already preconfigured)
    • Enable option DHCP
    • Disable options Proxy-Server and encryption
  • Open your webbrowser and enter any http address (no https), for example www.google.ch
  • You will be directed automatically on our login page.
  • Choose your desired service and enter your codes if necessary
  • Please logout when you finished your session. You can do that in the POP-up window or on