Free Wi-Fi Internet in Bern during Euro08

Press Release of 25. April 2008                                          


Free Wi-Fi Internet in Bern during Euro08 

Extended coverage of Free Internet in Bern.

Bern: Due to the great takeup of the BernHotSpot project (free Wi-Fi Internet in Bern) «», the website of the Espace Media Group, in cooperation with TheNet-Internet Services AG (TheNet) and Energy Water Berne (ewb) have extended Bern HotSpot's free Internet coverage.
Additionally, it will be free to surf during the Euro08 football championships in the whole Wi-Fi network of TheNet in Bern.

Whoever is travelling around Bern can, as of now, login and surf for free at further locations in the Wi-Fi network (SSID: wlan@thenet). In addition to the existing locations (Bern main station, Bärenplatz,
Waisenhausplatz parts of the Länggasse) free Internet, provided by Bern HotSpot, is available new at
the following locations:

  •          Bubenbergplatz
  • Helvetiaplatz
  • Parts of Wylerring
  • Parts of the Kirchenfeld Quartier
  • Münstergasse
  • Parts of Sandrainstrasse


During the Euro08 free Wi-Fi Internet will be enabled on the whole Wi-Fi network of TheNet in Bern
(SSID: wlan@ thenet). During this time, in large parts of Bern it will be possible to surf the Internet for
free. With this step, Bern HotSpot presents itself as an ideal communication platform for residents,
tourists and football fans alike.

With the free Internet, provided by the Bern HotSpot, the three partners ewb, and TheNet
play their part in increasing the attractiveness of the capital city of Switzerland - city, business,
research, residents and tourists benefit.

Other partners, who wish to help to extend the coverage of Bern HotSpot and thus to make the free
Internet service available to larger parts of the community, are always welcome.

The Bern HotSpot coverage map during Euro 2008 is:
The map is currenty in beta version. The map's coverage will be enhanced in the near future.

About us:
TheNet is an Internet provider pioneer and offers for more than 15 years Internet access and
customized Internet solutions. TheNet is the first, and largest, provider of municipal Wi-Fi networks in

Espace Media Group is the publisher of Bern's largest, and Switzerland's fourth largest, newspaper
«Berner Zeitung» amoungst other media properities.

Energie Wasser Bern (ewb) is Bern's utility company providing water, electricty, gas and
telecommunications (city wide fibre-optic links) services.

Bern HotSpot: Based on the existing, since 2002 in service Wi-Fi network of TheNet in Bern, and in
cooperation with Energy Water Berne (ewb) and, Bern HotSpot is, since November 2007,
offering free Wi-Fi Internet in parts of the city of Bern. 


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