Bern HotSpot - coverage maps


Coverage downtown

Coverage wlan@thenet

Where can I surf?Unfortunately the service is not available everywhere in the city. The HotSpot Locator gives one an idea of where one could use the service - it does NOT promise one can use the service all the time at that location. As always the best way is to try and login and surf correctly with the Gratis Service before you consider to purchase a Premium Service (there are no refunds for the Premium Service)Use wlan@thenet aswell in buildings of UniBern, FHBern, PHBern, the Inselspital and other Swiss academic institutions. 

Blue color (Bern HotSpot)
  • Network name (SSID): wlan@thenet
Yellow color (Bern HotSpot)
  • Network name (SSID): wlan@thenet
  • The service will be available from august 2017
Red color (Premium / paid HotSpot)
  • Network name (SSID): wlan@thenet / public-unibe / public-phbern / public-bfh / public-insel
  • You can surf indoor also at following institutions: UniBern, FHBern, PHBern, Inselspital