How can I use wlan@thenet?


  • You need a device (PC, notebook, netbook, smartphone,...) with a 802.11b/g/n compatible WLAN card. Most of the devices available these days already have such a card built in. In case your device is older you can buy such a wireless card in a PC store.
  • You have to be in a location where you can recieve our signal. Visit our HotSpot Locator in order to check our network presence. Please keep in mind that wlan@thenet is a mobility service and hence we unfortunately can't guarantee a signal. In case the signal is only limited or not available at all we advise you to move to a location with a good signal.
  • For the Premium Service you need a prepaid card. "Metered" or "flatrate" cards can be purchased online on our website with PayPal and 2Checkout or at one of our Partners.

8 easy steps...

  1. Do you have a WLAN enabled device?
  2. Do you recieve our network wlan@thenet and ist the signal strong enough?
  3. Connect with wlan@thenet
  4. Network configuration (normally already preconfigured)
    • Enable option DHCP
    • Disable options Proxy-Server and encryption
  5. Open your webbrowser and enter any http address (no https), for example
  6. You will be directed automatically on our login page.
  7. Choose your desired service and enter your codes if necessary
  8. Please logout when you finished your session. You can do that in the POP-up window or on