What is wlan@thenet?

With wlan@thenet you can surf in our HotSpots via WLAN in the Internet. wlan@thenet is a mobility service and can be used, depending on your location, in one of the following ways. Please note that the signal can vary.

Gratis Service wlan@thenet

You can surf for 30 minutes at a time at a speed up to 768kbps. After 30 minutes the session will expire. To continue surfing you have to follow the login procedure again.

Premium Service wlan@thenet

With wlan@thenet prepaid cards you can experience unlimited surfing in the Internet at higher speeds (up to 10'000 kbps depending on the HotSpot). Please note that simultanous logins on multiple devices with the same credentials are not possible. The Premium service is true flatrate, there are no additional volume or minute charges.